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Tarzana Safari Walk's NEW Banners

Hundreds of motorcycles began the day at the Tarzana Safari Walk Sidewalk Fair

I think he's a gorilla!

Hi everybody!!!

David from The Carving Board getting ready to hand out FREE cotton candy

Balloon Twisting by Joslyn of Creative Balloons

Woodland Hills/Tarzana Chamber of Commerce

D'Amore's FREE Pizza

Hangin' with the Gorilla

COOL drinks @ The Town

Parrots Naturally's beautiful birds

Sample Sale @ Lili's

Saving Wildlife Int'l came to the Tarzana Sidewalk Fair

Jane & the Gorilla

Art Exhibit @ Village Walk by local artists

Steve of Saving Wildlife Int'l captures the audience with one of his animals

Lady Grace Tea Parlour

One of the local artists at the exhibit @ Village Walk

FREE LUNCH @ Orange Iguana

You just gotta love a gorilla!


Win a Chevrolet Raffle!!

Walgreen's Shopping Bags giveaways

Winners of the Jane contest @ Lady Grace's Tea Parlour, Ava Basileo & Jayne Lee

Jane, the Gorilla & Tarzan

It's "for the birds" by Parrots Naturally

Our crossing guard for the day!

Dancing with Ms. Melodee @ Tarzana Village

The Chevrolet Girls

The "Jane Contest" winners with Jane, Tarzan & the Gorilla

Everyone agrees, he is adorable

We like the Gorilla!

Another art exhibitor @ Village Walk

Motherland Music's African Drummers had ONE listening...

and then there were TWO listening to Motherland's Music Drummers

Lots of visitors along Tarzana Safari Walk

"It IS a tarantula", said Steve of Saving Wildlife

...even monkeys came to the Sidewalk Fair

Swimwear by Body & Sol

Tarzana Improvement Association
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The Tarzana Improvement Association (TIA) has created the Tarzana Safari Walk.
Since 1998, Tarzana formed this BID (Business Improvement District).

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